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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

GoPress Foil Machine

Several posts ago, we told you about the new machine 
that we have for sale here at the Farmhouse.
It is called the GoPress Foil Machine.

Here are some more samples of what this machine does.

You can use your old dies to foil on your cards with this machine.
The card above was foiled with this old die from spellbinders

Here is another card in which Rachel used an older die to foil AND cut.

It came from this die - an Imperial Gold set.

You can also use this machine to emboss with your dies.
We also have some new Hotfoil Stamps to use with this machine.
They are for foiling only.  
Here are some of them.  

Here is a card using one of them.
(It is difficult to capture the true beauty of the foil on the picture.)

Rachel made this card for the club ladies today using the GoPress Machine.

This machine will be available during the sale days for you to experiment with.

We mentioned on our sale flyer that there will be other discounted items 
throughout the Farmhouse.
One of those items is Imperial Gold die sets.

Be sure to stop by and see us!

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  1. How much is this tool? Didn't see it before.