Chear & Dear

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Holiday Hours

Bears, Moose and Quilts

Rachel has had this fabric for awhile.
You can guess why she bought it.

See all those little quilts?  She loves quilts!
Here is what she made recently with them.

(insides of cards)

(inside of card)

She also used these two fabrics on the card above.

(Pardon the wrinkles.  We only have fat quarters left.)

If you are looking for a last-minute favor that is easy to make,
here is an idea for you.

This is a magnetic post-it note holder.
Rachel used this die to make it.

It is easy to make and makes a great little gift.
She embellished it with penguins from this fabric.

She also used these dies to create the topper of the cellophane gift bag.

If you don't have the time to create them, we also sell these at the Farmhouse.

Happy preparing-for-Christmas!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Paper Quilts

Rachel loves creating quilts!
Here is a paper quilt.  She creates a lot of these!

(inside of card)

She used this fabric to embellish the card.

She created these quilts with the leftover pieces that were cut out with the die.

This is the Starburst die that a lot of you might have.
We've sold a lot of these quilt dies. 

She also used the Bit of Spring die to create this quilt.

This is what the Bit of Spring die looks like.

She used this basket stamp to create the basket on the front of the card.

The contents of the basket came from this fabric.

This is a new die that we stocked recently.

She used it to create the backgrounds to these Christmas tree ornaments.

Here is another ornament that she used this die as a background.

We hope you are enjoying this holiday season!
Happy creating!