Chear & Dear

Monday, August 18, 2014

Cardinals & Pumpkins

Good Afternoon! 
It's time to get started on Christmas cards!
Here are some ideas to get you inspired...
These cards were made by Rachel.

The cardinal card was made using these next two fabrics. 
 And the poinsettias on the second card came from this fabric.

Also, over the weekend we had an Outline Sticker's class and here is one of the cards from that class. The pumpkins are Outline Stickers. 
 And the sticker sheet that the pumpkins came from looks like this.

On Wednesday we have our yearly Christmas Card Swap. Ladies have signed up for this and have designed Christmas cards that they will be swapping. We will be posting all the different cards on the blog to give YOU a chance to vote for your favorite card! Then on Wednesday, September 3 we will be announcing the winner.

You will have until Tuesday, August 26 to vote online or you can vote in store and that voting ends on Tuesday, September 2nd. 

So join in the fun and check back here on Wednesday or better yet, stop in here at the store to view the cards in person.


  1. Rachel my whole house is cardinals! Love the material, wish I lived closer it would make nice curtains for the kitchen.