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Monday, August 25, 2014

Card Swap 2014 continued...

 Last week I didn't show you Rachel's card that she made for the Card Swap. This card is not eligible for the voting. But here it is:
 The door opens like this:
and the inside of the actual card looks like this:
 The door was made using this die and the holly is fabric that looks like this:
These were the two stamp sets she used and she distressed the door using this Tim Holtz distress ink.

At our card swaps we always give a prize for "Rachel's favorite" card. This year, this card was the one that Rachel chose as her favorite and it was made by Dora Doss. 
Dora used this fabric on her card: 
 Here is Rachel pictured with Dora who is holding the wall hanigng that Rachel made as the prize.

Rachel also gave an "honorable mention" prize and that went to this card and it was made by Laura Scott. 
 Here is Laura pictured with her card and her prize.

And a shot of all the ladies with their cards. Everyone did a wonderful job. 

Still one day left to vote for your favorite card! 
Thanks to everyone that already did. 
Have a great week!

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