Chear & Dear

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Flowers & Sweet Treats

 Here are some cards with different kinds of flowers but they all came out of the same piece of fabric.
 Here is one designed and made by Rachel. (The background of this card was cut using the A2 Filigree Delight Card Creator die from Spellbinders.)
 This one was made by Rachel as well.
 This card was made by Lucy Berkey.
 And this one was made by Ruth Davies.
 All the above flowers on the cards came from this fabric.

The next cards were made with this sweet treat fabric. 
 Here is a peek at some of the cards that were made in the Cardmaking with Fabric classes last week. 
 This card and the above card were made and designed by Rachel.
 The sundae in this card is from the same fabric pictured above and was designed and made by Jewel Raber.
 The chocolate covered strawberry in the inside of the above card was taken from this fabric.

Have a great week!


  1. They all are beautiful and it was hard to pick but I vote for card #4.

  2. Number 14- all the way! Beautiful design and ornament! Thank you, Jen M

  3. #14 with the ornament is for me.