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Thursday, July 25, 2013


 For all of you bird lovers out there....this post is for you. :) 

We have lots of different bird fabrics right now and here are some of the things we did with them.

 Here are the Spring/Summer birds.
Here are two cards designed and made by Rachel. 

 This bag is also made with the Spring/Summer bird fabric.

 Here are the fall birds.
 Here are two fall cards designed and made by Rachel with the fall birds.

 Winter Birds: We did not make any cards with this fabric yet.

Here are bird squares with all the different seasons in one fabric. 

With the above fabric we covered a gift bag. 
 With the above squares, Rachel made the quilt below.

And here is a big panel with each season on it. 

With that panel, Rachel made this quilt. 

Here are some mug mats made by Rachel with different fabrics shown above.

There are so many ways to use fabric! Hopefully this got you inspired. 
We also have more bird fabrics that we didn't show today. 
Stop by and check it out!
-Janae for Farmhouse Memories

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