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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

January Fabric Club

 Today was the day for our January fabric club meeting.
Burnsie was our hostess, and she created this card idea.

(inside of card)

The images that she used came from these fabrics.

Rachel created this card for the class.

(inside of card)

The images for this card came from this fabric.

These fabrics are also in the same line of fabric as the one above.


She used this fabric as the background for her card front.

We are starting to number our new fabrics here on the blog 
so that when you call us about a specific fabric,
you can give us the number and that will help us
to know which fabric that you are referring to.

We also plan to show you each new fabric 
that we receive here at the Farmhouse.

It is 15 years ago today that Rachel officially opened the Farmhouse!
Stay tuned regarding our anniversary sale later this month!


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  1. I saw a video where they backed a window (with tiny panes) with acetate. Completely see-through but a bit stronger than the panes by themselves. I love your design!