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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Squirrels and More

Here is some new squirrel fabric at the Farmhouse.

This is what I created from it.

(inside of card)

(inside of card)

The words were created on the computer. 
We printed off some sheets with these words.
You use the lower half of the sheet as your card base, 
and cut the words out from the top half to use on the card.

We just got some beautiful seashell fabric into the Farmhouse.

We also got some more funny "Road-trip ladies" as well.

They will look great on cards and scrapbook pages, 
and Rachel and I are eager to create things with them!
The "Road-trip" coordinates with these fabrics that we already have.

Stay warm where you're at!  It's cold and blustery here!


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