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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Scrapbooking With Fabric

Did you know you can use fabric to embellish your scrapbook pages?
Today we want to show you how beautiful scrapbook pages can look with fabric.

 Here is a 2-page layout that Rachel designed.

Aren't they beautiful?
They give so much color and life to the pages!

She used these two fabrics to create this look.

She also used this fabric to make cards.

(inside of card)

It's a little hard to see the background of this card,
but Rachel created a patchwork quilt-look for the background.
It looks like this.

She simply cut 1-inch squares and pieced them together on a plain piece of paper.
She then embossed it with this embossing folder to give it a quilted look.

These are leftover images from the fabric that will work on future cards
 or more scrapbook pages.

Sorry, we really got side-tracked from the scrapbook pages.

Here is another 2-page scrapbook layout Rachel designed.

She used these fabrics to create them.

Stop by the Farmhouse to see other page layouts she designed using fabric!
She has page kits that you can take home and create yourself.

Hello Labor Day.
Goodbye Summer.  
Hello cooler weather?
Yes, please!


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