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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wedding Cards

Have you seen our newest wedding fabric?
This line is called "I Do" and includes 4 bolts. 

This is a close up of the above fabric:

We made plenty of cards with these fabrics and an assortment of dies. I'll show each card and the die that was used to create them below each picture. 

Card #1
 Outside: image at left
Inside: image at right


Card #2


Card #3

Card #4

Card #5

We even made a scrapbook page!

The "Mr." and "Mrs." were used from the set to the left.
The "&" was used from the set to the right.  

This large die set was used as the focal point on the page. I took the picture with my hand so you can envision the size a little better. Keep in mind my hands are smaller than most. :) 

And there you have it! 
Stock up on supplies now before wedding season hits! 


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