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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Valentine's Cards

Valentine's Day is coming up in just a few short weeks!
Here' some inspiration to get some cards done for those you love.

Each card is pictured with the fabric that was used. 

Card #1

Card #2

The words on the outside of the card came from two die sets: "just for you" and "someone special". Both sets sell for $2.99 each.

Card #3

The oval pictured is size large and was crocheted by Rachel's mother. 
The die comes from the set below:

Card #4 and #5

Both of these cards were made by Janae using the Brother Scan & Cut machine. 

Card #6 and #7

The oval that was used on card #7 is the smaller size, also done by Rachel's mother. 
The large size is $3.99 and the smaller size is $2.99. 
Also, the fabric used on the inside of card #7 is the same piece that was used on card #3

There are many papers and other embellishments that were used that I didn't list. If you would like to know more stop by the store and see our selection first hand or call/email us. 

Have a good afternoon!


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