Chear & Dear

Monday, May 23, 2016

Kittens & Wedding

 Good Afternoon! 
Have you noticed this adorable kitten & sewing fabric in the store? 

Rachel made these cards using the first fabric this morning. 
We haven't done anything with the second fabric, but it is equally cute. :) 

Also, here is some new fabric that just came in. 
This fabric is perfect for wedding & anniversary! 

Karina made these cards using the 2 prints shown above. 

The words came from this stamp set which has the perfect words for wedding & anniversary. 

This will be my last time updating the blog! My last day is this Wednesday. After today, Karina will be in charge of the blog, so you can look forward to her posts. :) 
Have a wonderful week! 


  1. Best wishes on your new adventure! I've enjoyed reading your updates and posts!

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  3. I think I'd like to order both kitten fabrics! Could you ask Rachel to contact me??

  4. Could you email us, please?