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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The story of the tissue box...

 A lot of people ask us, "where do you get all your ideas?" Here is just one example: 

A few weeks ago, while Rachel was shopping, she grabbed a box of tissues and never thought about the tissues again until one day she glanced at the tissue box and gasped, because all of a sudden in her mind it clicked that the design on the tissue box could be a scrapbook page layout!

 Or it could be a card layout!

So we are giving the credit for the idea of these cards to the tissue box! 

 The fabric used was these two prints:

The stitching around the flowers was done with this circle Fiskars piercing stencil. 
We also have other shapes available in the piercing stencil. 

 And we also have a small bag made with the fabric:

*Note: We are offering a Stitching on Paper class on Saturday, July 18th and will be doing stitching similar to this. The cost is $20.00. Call to sign up. 

This just goes to show that there are ideas & creativity all around us in everyday life that we often miss because we aren't taking the time to look!!! Instead of rushing through life, trying to accomplish all these "things", take time to enjoy the beauty all around you. 
Thanks for listening to the "tissue box story". 

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