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Monday, April 27, 2015

Scented Fabrics & Extra Class

 Good Morning! 

You may have noticed last week on Facebook that we recently got in scented fabric. 
This strawberry fabric has the scent of strawberries.

With that fabric, Rachel made this card. The card is backed with the fabric 
and then she cut out the individual strawberries for the basket.

The basket, Rachel cut free hand out of this basket weave fabric. 
The basket idea was inspired by Ruth Davies, a customer of ours who passed away a year ago. 
She did a card similar to this one several years ago and Rachel re-created it. 

 This purple fabric is also scented. It has a grape scent.
We also have this grape fabric. 

Rachel made these grape cards with the two above fabrics. 
She backed the grape card with this purple fabric to give the scent of grape.

Also, in case anyone is interested...
We are offering an extra Card-Making with Fabric class on Monday, May 11 at 9:30am. The cost is $15.00 and you make 2 cards and learn how to make cards using fabric. We still have several spaces available for this class, so if you are interested, please give us a call to sign up or for more information.

Enjoy your week!

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