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Monday, July 21, 2014

Gift Ideas for Kids

 Good Afternoon! 
Last week we had a class on gift ideas for children. Here are some of the things the ladies did in the class. 

A Pocket Card
 The inside of this card has a pocket that an Air Head candy fits into. You could also put other fun things in the pocket like money, a gift card, etc.

Here is a second pocket card: 

Those cards were made using these two Thomas the Tank Engine fabrics:

A Bookmark
 The bookmark was made with this cute fabric:

 A Clipboard
I showed some different samples with the clipboard last week, but here is one for a boy:

 Here is a closer view of the left side:

And here is a matching card to go with it. 

 The fabric that was used for the clipboard and card looks like this:
And the baseballs came from this fabric: 

Have a great week!

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