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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fabric Frames & Red Wagons

 Have you ever noticed this fabric in our store but didn't know how to use it? 
Well, we finally made samples with it. See below:

The frame in this card is from the above fabric. In case you didn't know, you CAN stamp on fabric which is what Rachel did in this card (the words are stamped). 
 The background in the above card is this fabric:
Again, the frame is fabric and the words are stamped. 
 And the background is this fabric:

Now on to something different....
Teddy bears & wagons!

These cards were made by Rachel

 The teddy bears and wagons were cut out of this fabric.
 And the background is this fabric:

Have a wonderful Easter weekend and in case you didn't notice the previous blog post we will be closed tomorrow (Good Friday)

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