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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fabric Club Cards & Card Swap Winner

Today Rachel gave the ladies in the Cardmaking with Fabric Club a challenge. She gave each person the same fabric and asked them to make a card out of it. Here are the results. 

The fabric she gave them looked like this. 

Here are the cards. From left to right the cards were made by:
Top: Tricia Casill, Helen DeMarco
Bottom: Ruth Davies, Ruth Davies

 Top: Nancy Salzman, Barb Tanner
Bottom: Ruth Davies

Top: Dora Doss, Rachel Stoltzfus
Bottom: Rachel Stoltzfus, Pat Geoforth

Top: Barb Tanner, Kathleen DeMarco
Bottom: Tricia Casill

This box was made by Paula Rosenberg

And now, the winner of the Christmas Card Swap is..............

........Card #3 
made by Barb Tanner! 

This is the card that received the most votes. 
Congratulations, Barb! 
Thank you to everyone that participated in the voting. 


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