Chear & Dear

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Christmas Card Swap

Good Afternoon!

Today we had a Christmas Card Swap. 15 ladies participated in the swap, so we have 15 different cards to show you today. 

We are giving you the opportunity to vote for your favorite card online, this year. We also have a display set up in the store where you can vote as well. 

We are asking you to please only vote ONE TIME. If you have already visited the store and cast your vote, please do not vote online. 

Card #1

 Card #2

 Card #3

 Card #4

Card #5

 Card #6

 Card #7

 Card #8

 Card #9

 Card #10

Card #11

Card #12

Card #13

Card #14

Card #15

The winner of the contest will win this bag which is full of scrapbooking & cardmaking supplies. 

If you haven't already voted in the store and would like to vote online, here's what you need to do: send an email to with the number of the card you are voting for OR comment on this post with the number of the card you are voting for.  Please vote only one time. Saturday, August 24 will be our last day to accept votes online. The display in the store will be open for voting for two weeks.


  1. All the cards are great but I vote for card #10.

  2. I love them! But I'll vote for #1.

  3. I agree that they are all great. I vote for #5.

  4. I would like to vote for number 14.

  5. I like #14 since it has an ornament.

  6. I like #3 the best!
    All great ideas!


  7. This is tough... I love so many of them. I'm going to vote for #3

  8. Number 4 is my favorite! I love snowmen and the unique fold is very clever and different! But there are several others that come close to being my other favorites...