Chear & Dear

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Folded Cards Class

We have a class coming up near the end of April called Folded Cards Class.
Here is a sneak peak of what the participants will be making in that class.
They will make and take 2 cards.
Here is the first one.

Barb will be teaching this class, and she made this card with these fabrics.

Here is the 2nd card.

This is a box card that is 3-D.
It has different layers.

It can fold flat to fit into an envelope, but pops open when pulled out.

She used this fabric to create this card.

This class is scheduled for Thursday, April 25th, at 9:30 am.
Give us a call if you are interested in participating in this class.


Quilts - A Closer Look

It is Quilt Week in our corner of the world.
So we decided to feature some fabric with quilts on them 
for all of you who do not actually quilt.
(We don't want you to feel left out.)  😉 

Here is a fabric that you might find pretty but challenging as to what to do with it.

Well, let us show you what can be done with it.

Rachel made these scrapbook page layouts.
(Card-makers, stick with us!  Your turn is coming.)


By cutting apart the barns, she was able to piece together a layout.

She used this fabric to create her own grassy landscape.
(Sorry, my camera was struggling to capture the correct shade of the fabric.)

She also cut cows from this fabric to add to her layout.

Do you notice how the cows run into each other?
Rachel cut them apart even though some of the legs were cut off.
Here's another layout.

If you zoom in on the layout, you can see some of the cow's legs
(that had to be cut off) are tucked in behind fronds of grass.

She used this die to create the fronds of grass.

She also cut roosters out of this paper to add to the landscape.

You can also embellish with butterflies or birds, etc.

But you can do more than scrapbook pages with this barn fabric.
(Enter, card-making!)
Here is a card that Rachel made from leftover scraps of this fabric.

(inside of card)

Look closer at the above card front.
Do you see the wheelbarrow? It looks like it is tucked behind a bush.
It came from this part of the fabric.

It's actually the top of the tree.  She cut it off.
What do you do with a leftover cut-off tree?

Try this card.

(inside of card)

Here is yet another card (A7) made from this fabric.

Those of you who know Rachel ... what does she always say?
"The world is wide!"
There is no limit to creativity!

Keep creating!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Here is a scrapbook page layout that Rachel created from the 
succulent fabric that we showed to you before.

She also made these cards from the same fabrics.

These succulents are sitting in a bowl.  This is an A7 card.

(inside of card)

(A2 card)

(inside of card)

We showed these fabrics before, but in case you forgot, here they are again.

We are teaching a four-fold class here at the Farmhouse tomorrow.
This is what we will be making in the class.

She used these fabrics for this card.

She also made a gift-card-holder and covered a tablet using these fabrics.

Today is the first day of Spring!
Happy Spring to all of you!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Western Cactus

Here is a new fabric that Rachel has been playing with.

It comes in a panel called "Western Cactus."
She created a scrapbook page layout using it.

She also made several cards using this fabric.

(A7 card)

(inside of card)

(A7 card)

(inside of card)

(A2 card)

(inside of card)

Next week we want to show you what Rachel did with our succulent fabric!
Stay tuned!


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

March Club

As I said on the last post, today is our monthly fabric club meeting.
Nancy was our hostess, and she made a spinner card!

The butterfly in the center of the card spins when you open the card!
(sorry, I can't attach a video for you to see it in motion.  The key 
is to twist the butterfly on the string before closing the card; 
then, when you open the card, it spins.)

She used these fabrics to embellish her card.

Rachel also made a card.

She used these fabrics to create this card.

She also used burlap.  Did you know that you can die-cut burlap?

She used this crocheted lace that you can find at Farmhouse Memories.

She used one of our newer dies for the words.  
I've included a picture of all the dies like the one that she used.

Happy Wednesday!