Chear & Dear

Friday, August 26, 2016

Update from Janae...

Hello everyone!

It’s good to be back here on the blog and it feels like a lifetime ago that I wrote on here. So much has happened since my last day of work back in May. 

I just wanted to update you all on my life a bit. My family’s move went well and we are settled in and getting adjusted to our new life here in Western PA. We live on a farm, so there is always something going on around here and lots of action. J I am enjoying my new life and and am grateful that I was able to find a part-time job that I plan to start next week.

When I’m not busy here on the farm, I find myself out in my craft room playing and making new things. It’s wonderful to have so much more space than I did in our other house! I really do miss the interaction with you as customers since I’m not working at the Farmhouse, so I made a decision to start my own blog to show some of the things I’m working on and to keep those of you that are interested, updated with my life. I hope to post pictures of my current projects and also some personal photos of my life here on the farm. If you’re interested in staying up to date with what’s new with me, you can send me an email at and ask to be added to my email list. Here is the link for my blog

I also started an Etsy shop where I will be selling things that I’ve made. Right now, I have handmade cards in my shop, and also some key chains that I’ve been having fun making. In the future, I hope to add scrapbook page titles and hopefully some embroidery as well. For more information on that, you can visit my blog. 

Like I mentioned above, I do miss interacting with all of you and seeing you in the store. I hope you are all doing well. I would love to stay in contact, so head on over and check out my blog.
Much love, Janae

And I'll leave you with 2 photos...

This is what I see when I walk out our back door. 

And the newest baby on our farm...

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Shop Hop Passports

The Shop Hop passports have arrived!

Stop by to pick up your passport and gift! 

If you have not signed up for the Shop Hop and would like more information about it you can visit or give us a call at 717-442-1907 to order your own. We only have 3 passports left for this year's Shop Hop, so don't wait long if you want in on all the fun!

JOY Cards

Good morning everyone!
Here's the latest project we've done at the store...
Janae cut out the letters "J" and Y"" using the Brother Scan and Cut, and the images on the fabric at left created fun "O"'s to spell out the word "joy".

The "J" and "Y"s are sold in packs. Each pack has 6 of each letter and sells for $2.99.

the cards...

and the insides...

The fabric below is a coordinating border print. 

Here is the card made with it...

*sneak peak*
Check out the new fabric that came in! 
from left to right:
Elmo & Friends, Love My Hero (jigsaw pieces), Love My Hero (block words), and Game Night 

Enjoy your day!


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Christmas Card Swap

It was Christmas card swap today at the store! There were eleven ladies who participated this year; it's so fun to see each lady's unique style in the cards they bring! 

Voting will be done in store only this year. The viewer's choice award will be given on September 7th, so if you want a chance to vote for your favorite, stop in before that. 

Below is Rachel's card she made for the swap:

The truck fabric is of my favorites this year and her stamp "loads of love" goes with it perfectly! The fabrics on the left were also used on the card.

Rachel used the bigger images from the panel on her prize for "Rachel's Favorite".  

Stop in to see the rest!


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fall Cards & Outline Stickers

 Good afternoon everyone!

Need a clever idea for a fall card? There are plenty of options with this fabric!

This line is called Autumn Romance and is sold as a 2/3 yard panel, but we can cut as many or few rows as you would like. Below are a few cards Rachel made with it:

Rachel is teaching a cardmaking with outline stickers class this Saturday. Here's a sneak peak of what they'll be doing:

The above cards were done using the stained class technique. Rachel will also be demonstrating the glitter technique. All of the cards above were made using the dazzle sticker set below:

If you're interesting in learning more about the possibilities with Dazzle outline stickers, stop by the store or give us a call at 717-442-1907.

Have a wonderful afternoon!


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fabric Club Challenge Part 2

I explained this morning about the Fabric Club "challenge" the ladies did yesterday. Here are the rest of those projects...

Tricia Casill's card & box:

Barb Tanner's card:

Andrea Schmehl's card:

Nancy Salzman's card:

Enjoy your evening everyone!


Fabric Club Challenge Part 1

Yesterday at club Rachel gave the ladies a "challenge". Last month each lady picked out a Christmas fabric of their choice. The rule was they could have the fabric at no cost, but they had to make a card to display in the store. 
Here is what they came up with...

Sandy Hershey's card:

 Linda Dean's cards:

Cindy Kady's card:

Dora Doss's card:

Check back this afternoon to see the rest!