Chear & Dear

Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowstorm, Valentines & New Fabric!

 Good Afternoon! 
Wow, what a snowstorm! 
We did manage to get half of our parking lot cleared over the weekend.

Valentines is quickly approaching and here are some cards to inspire you. 

 The cards were made with these fabrics.

And here are some new fabrics that just arrived!  
Happy Cats...

 Hoot Hoot Hooray

Lazy Little Ladybug

Woodland Spirit

The Beach House


Enjoy your snowy week! 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Feathers & Flowers

 Good Afternoon! 
We've been having a fun & busy day so far! Today is the first day of our 10th Anniversary celebration week. We have some sales & fun things going on including a free make & take. If you have time this week, stop by and see us during our regular store hours. 

Have you seen this new fabric? 

Rachel decorated this notebook with the feather fabric. 

This is what our free make & take looks like for this week. The feathers & flowers come from the fabric that is pictured above. 

It opens up into a sticky note holder. 

Here is another one that is just a bit different. 

 And we got some NEW FABRIC in today! 
Take a look...

This fabric reminds us that spring is on it's way!!!

Enjoy your week! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Quilt Labels

 Good Afternoon, 
Have you ever put quilt labels on cards? 
Take a look at what Rachel did using these quilt labels. 

The blue flowers came from this fabric:

Rachel also made this wall hanging using the quilt labels. 
She stamped scripture verses on the labels. 
 Here is a closer look.

And she also made a miniature quilt. 

and mug mats

Enjoy your week! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Punny Love

 Good Afternoon! 
Believe it or not, the next season to focus on after Christmas is Valentines Day. And we have been working on getting our Valentines things out front the past few days and also working on making Valentines things. Take a look...

Have you seen this fun pun-intended stamp set by Taylored Expressions? 
Put some humor in your Valentines cards!

 The foxes came from this fabric:

 Quill you be mine?
 Using this fabric:

 How about a Valentines card for the fishermen you know. 
I'm hooked on you.
 The fishing embellishments came from this fabric:

Enjoy your week! 
Stay tuned for more Valentines fabric next week! 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Purples & Kittens

 Good Afternoon! 
The holidays have come & gone and we are already in the year of 2016! 
I enjoy the holidays but it's always good to get back to normal again and to 
put away all the Christmas things and start a brand new year. 

Here is a simple gift idea. 
This folder came from the Dollar Store and Rachel decorated it with fabric.

Here is also a card made with some of the same fabrics. 

And here is a small fabric box made by Sylvia Field. 
You can learn how to make this box in our Sewing Class in March. 
See our class schedule for more details on that class. 

 The fabrics used look like this:
The flowers on the front of the folder actually came from this black & yellow fabric. 

Have you noticed these playful little kittens while visiting the store recently? 

Rachel made mug mats with some of the above fabric. 

And she also made this card: 

Enjoy your week!