Chear & Dear

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Doggie Drama

This fabric is called "Doggie Drama."
If you look closely, you can understand why.

Rachel created these cute dog cards with it.

(inside of one card)

She used this fabric as a background ...

... and this fabric for embellishments.

The sentiments and paw prints came from this stamp set.

She created mug mats with the doggie-drama fabric, too.

Rachel also created these pug-dog cards.

(Insides of cards)

 The dogs came from this fabric.

She used this fabric as a background ...

... and these fabrics for embellishments.

She also made these mug mats with the pug fabric.

Someone ordered zippered bags from this fabric, too.

I used this fabric for the lining.

Next week we'll show you the elaborate card 
that our card-club ladies made today.


More New Fabrics!

 There's more new fabrics at the Farmhouse!




#171 (This one comes in an 11.5 inch panel)











#182 (This one comes as a 1/3 yard panel)

Stay tuned for a post with dogs!

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

New Fabrics!

 Here are some more new arrivals!










Happy Wednesday!

Minions & Veggies

 Here is a minion puppet panel that we have at the Farmhouse.

Not into puppets?
How about making cards with it?

Rachel created these cute cards.
She used the back of the puppet 
and some of the fingers as backgrounds.
She also used some scrapbooking paper as a background.

(showing both sides of one paper)

Here are the insides of the cards.

The sentiments came from this new stamp set.

🔻 🔻 🔻 🔻 🔻

Summer is coming, and some of you enjoy growing vegetables.
Here are some cards for you.

(A7 card)

(inside of card)

(A2 cards)

(insides of cards)

Rachel used this fabric for these cards.

The sentiments came from the pre-printed sentiment packs 
that you can find at the Farmhouse.

Stay tuned for more new fabrics!