Chear & Dear

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Farm Animals

Here is another panel of larger images that Rachel played with.

By cutting and piecing the images, she was able to create these A7 cards.

(insides of cards)

The following pictures show you how she pieced the first card.

Here is an A2 card.

(inside of card)

She used this paper for background on the front of the cards.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Buggies-and-Buds Shop Hop

Here are the details about the Buggies-and-Buds Shop Hop for 2020.
Date:  September 23 - October 5, 2020
With Pennsylvania's stay at home order and our stores being considered non-essential, we have not been able to meet for two of our final planning meetings for this year's event. After phone calls and e-mails, we have decided to still move forward with this year's shop hop just a little differently than in previous years.
We know everyone's struggling due to COVID-19 in one way or another, and we feel with everything being topsy turvy to take a step back to the basics this year and offer our customers the passport for only $5. We feel that this will give more of you the chance to participate this year. If a location will be offering a make & take, you will be able to purchase those for an additional cost as you shop each location. We will not be offering make & takes as part of the Shop Hop fee this year as the stores and their vendors are recovering from the mandatory closures by the government. This has created significant supply/demand issues with many of the products we offer and then also use in the make/takes. As shop owners, we are concerned that our supplies needed for the make & takes wouldn't be available. And the gift we chose to use this year was not available as well, so we opted to go a simpler route instead of cancelling our annual event.
On a good note, all prizes will stay the same for this year’s shop hop. As in previous years, you will have the chance to win your home store's gift certificate prize for those visiting 8 or more locations and the grand prize baskets for visiting 10 or more.
And something a little fun for this year's shop hop will be a special card contest. More details will follow on this fun contest, but there will be five winners for this contest with special prizes.
We all look forward to this event each fall, and we wanted to find an easier way to include everyone among all the changes that we've had and are still possibly coming. We hope you will join us for this year's event. Pre-orders will begin on Saturday, May 2nd. You can mail them in or call the locations to place your order. Each person attending will need to fill out a registration form.
We look forward to seeing you soon. If you are like us, you are ready to get out and about and have some normalcy again.

Here is the form for you to fill out and mail in to us if you care to do so.

Happy Monday!

QT Fabrics Fly Free

Here's another panel of images that might stump you 
as to how to use it in smaller crafts.
This is a 1/2 yard panel.

Here is the original intended purpose for this panel.

But there's more that you can do with these butterflies!
Rachel embellished this simple gift bag using these images.

Here is a close-up of it.

Each panel has two of the same butterfly.
So she mounted one on top of the other.

And, of course, you need a matching card to go with the gift bag!
Here are two card options.  (And you could make many more!)

(inside of one card)

The small butterflies came from the edge of the panel.
The words on the first card came from this fabric.

She used this stamp set on the second card.

These fabrics coordinate with the panel, too.

Shop Hop pre-sales are starting this weekend!
Stay tuned for details!


Friday, April 24, 2020

Garden Hats & Butterflies

Little 3-inch square cards are nice to include
with a gift package.
Rachel made this set of cards. It comes with 4 envelopes.

You could even make a set to give as a gift to someone.
They would be perfect to give in their own little bag.

Rachel used this fabric to create the cards and drawstring bag.

She used this die and this stamp set to embellish the cards.

╋ ╋ ╋ ╋ ╋

Cheryl C made this dimensional card.

(inside of card)

She used these stamps and one of these dies for the front of the card.

The butterflies came from this fabric.

Shop Hop passport information will be coming to you next week!
Stay tuned!


Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Pansies & Stencils

Here are some more of Rachel's beautiful creations!

(A7 card)

(A2 card)

(insides of cards)

Here are the fabrics that she used for these cards.

She also created this gift-pack of cards (aka cards-in-a-box).

(insides of cards)

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Cheryl C created these cards with stencils.

These stencils come in a pack of three.

She also used these dies on the cards.

This fabric coordinates with the pansy fabrics.

Focus on the good things!

Monday, April 20, 2020

Birds In The Trees

Here is a new Timeless Treasures fabric that we received.

Rachel created these cards from it.

(insides of cards)

She used this paper, flowers, and die for two of the cards.

She used these stamps sets as well.

Rachel is as busy as ever filling your orders!
Thank you SO MUCH for your support!
She appreciates it so much!

Have a blessed Monday!