Chear & Dear

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Card-making Class

Rachel taught a class today on card-making with fabric and dies. 
Here are the cards they made in the class.

They also made this one.

For the bug card, she used this fabric,

and she used this paper . . . 

and these stamps and dies.

For the sunflower card, she used these fabrics.

She also used these dies and stamps.

Here is another card Rachel made with the sunflower fabric.

We also wanted to let you know that we are offering another class like this one in August.  

Card-Making with Fabric and Dies class is scheduled for Friday, August 25th,
at 9:30 a.m.
If you would like to participate in this class, give us a call!


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Scrapbook Border

It's that time of year when lots of picnics, gatherings, and outdoor parties are going on.
Our fabrics can also be used in scrapbooking.  
Here is an idea for those of you who like to scrapbook.

The food items were taken from this fabric.

The base of the border was created from the Brother Scan-N-Cut machine.
We sell those bases at the Farmhouse as well.

Here are more ideas to use this base . . . 

Here are the fabrics used for the above borders.

Here are some cards made from a new fabric here at the Farmhouse.

Rachel created these cards from these fabrics

She also made this wall-hanging using the above fabric . . . 

along with other fabrics including this one.

It's warm out!  Hope you are staying cool!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Crazy Birds and Elegant Christmas

Rachel's creative mind never stops!
She was making fresh lemonade the other day and was about to throw the lemon bag away when creativity struck again!  She used this bag that held the lemons . . .

. . . to make these cards.

She used this crazy-bird fabric to make the cards.

As Rachel always says -  the world is wide!

On an earlier blog post, we showed you a sample of some of the new Christmas fabric we got in at the farmhouse.  Here are some more cards showing those same fabrics.

We used this die for the fence on the inside of the card.

There is a special way to do this fence to make it pop up from the card.
But if that seems too complicated to do, this die looks great laying flat as well.

We hope you are enjoying your summer!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Extended Weekend Hours

Due to the CKC Scrapbooking Convention in Lancaster this week,
we are extending our hours on Friday and Saturday, July 7 & 8, 2017.
We will be open today (Friday) 9 am - 7 pm, 
and Saturday, 9 am - 3 pm.

It's a great time to check out the Farmhouse!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Club Cards

Today was fabric club at the farmhouse.
Tricia was our hostess, and this is the card she made.

She used these fabrics . . .

and this die to cut out the front of the card.

Rachel made this card for club as well.

She used these fabrics . . . 

and this die to cut out the front of the card.

We hope you had a safe and enjoyable holiday!